Power Generation (PG)

ASTE is Syria's leading local company in PG services. We provide comprehensive engineering and construction services at the highest level. Our success in the past projects brought upon the opportunity of becoming a consortium partner with Siemens for the Deir Ali 750MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP). The project put into service on 2010, ASTE PG is main player in Power Generation projects and related services in Syria.
ASTE is committed to high performance. We dedicate all available resources  to build expertise and ensure company growth.

Power Transmission

Today, electricity is an essential utility that shapes people's lives. ASTE is committed to improving power transmission and to protecting investments made to provide it. ASTE is involved in key projects for the Syrian Electrical Grid Network. Many new extensions for High Voltage (HV) Electrical Substations projects have been executed. ASTE was also responsible for implementing projects in Syria for the Pan-Arab Interconnection Electrical Loop and the Mediterranean Loop. Together with Siemens, ASTE dominated  the 400kV substation market in Syria.

Renewable Energy

We are committed to provide clean energy solutions, contributing to help protect the environment. Several renewable energy sources meet the increasing demand for energy while unburdening the environment. Wind turbines are an efficient and reliable source of CO2 free power generation, as are photovoltaic and hydro power generation solutions. Solar plants, geothermal plants, biomass, reheat process, and waste-to-energy, are renewable energy sources that power steam turbines which in turn generate emission-free power. ASTE is actively seeking opportunities to build such plants which provide clean energy, and protect the environment.