Deir ALi


Deir Ali Combined Cycle Power Plant Turnkey Project Many power plants generate electricity that is delivered to every consumer throughout Syria, but none is like the Deir Ali Power Plant. It is one of the largest Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) in the Levant; it generates at a capacity of 750-800 MW which is about 10% of total capacity in Syria before the crises. It has two Gas Turbines and one Steam Turbine working on natural gas as a main fuel, and distillate oil as a back-up fuel.

The Deir Ali CCPP project is the largest turnkey project and the most efficient Power Plant in Syria and ASTE is the first company to take on such a large scope of work.

The concept of a Combined Cycle: integrating re-heat process to attain efficiency rates as high as 60%, which is 150% higher than the traditional thermal plants. In short, this means that the heat and steam generated as waste in the Gas Turbines is reused to generate more electricity in the Steam Turbines.

 Facts about Deir Ali CCPP


30 km south of Damascus in Deir Ali near Al Kesweh


The Combined Cycle Power Plant consists of: 2 Gas Turbine units with a nominal capacity of 250 MW each 2 Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) 1 Steam Turbine with a nominal capacity of 250 MW Residential complex including 162 apartment units, 10 duplex villas, sporting facilities and all related buildings and infrastructure and a mosque

The power generated from this plant is transmitted to the National grid through a 400/230/66 kV substation which is an Extension of a 400/230 kV existing s/s Raw water collecting and transfer system from 36 km.